COVID-19 Offerings

    Virtual Open House Hours

    Every Friday between 7:30 A.M. – 9:00 A.M. our CEO makes herself available through Phone | Text | Email | Zoom | Social Media.

    Ongoing Connections

    Throughout the week, we engage in personal connections to provide ongoing encouragement, warm counsel, and the gift of prayer.

    Disruptors Roundtable

    This monthly roundtable is for those leaders making strategic organizational decisions resulting in a change of product line or service delivery and/or have been responsible for executing mass layoffs that would like to garner from the experiences and support of other leaders.

    Disrupted Roundtable

    This monthly roundtable is for those leaders who have lost their job and are looking for a space to gather to find meaning in their loss, to work through their disruption, and also to help with tangible skills and connections to re-enter the market.

    Recovery Roundtable

    This bi-weekly roundtable is for those leaders who have moved from the initial disruption to recovery efforts within their organizations and are seeking a community of business leaders with a shared faith to provide insights and a fresh perspective.

    Alpha Online

    As an organization, we have encouraged those seeking answers to life’s questions to simply pause Netflix and join us for online Alpha. There are a lot of questions in regards to the "why" of this unprecedented season. Each week, our virtual online Alpha session, provides guests an opportunity to explore life, faith and Jesus together in a friendly, open and informal environment.

    Caring from the Couch

    Recognizing that our charitable friends are struggling to respond to the high and changing demands we launched a campaign “Caring from the Couch” to encourage our corporate friends to leverage their personal and corporate connections and resources to assist.

    Social Media

    All social platforms have reported a significant increase in usage pending the platform (12.4% - 63.7%) during COVID-19 as a means of staying connected. As a result we have increased our engagement on various social media platforms each day with thoughtful messages, relevant articles, and meaningful scripture.


    As individuals seek out information during COVID-19, starting with a website rather than traditional brochures or an initial meeting and exchange of business cards will be the first point of contact. We have committed to do an overhaul of our website from the look of our website to better portray our brand, to bring it up to speed from a technology front, and to add thoughtful and timely content.

    Summer Series

    Traditionally, we have hosted a bi-weekly Speaker Series in downtown Toronto on Wednesday morning’s prior to work during the summer. We have made a departure from an in-person single speaker series to a virtual panel experience. Each panel will have industry leaders addressing topics related to COVID-19 followed by a Live Q&A.

    Bells on Bay St./Bells on Bank St.

    2020 marks our 20th Anniversary of our signature event. With present restrictions, we will be combining both events and digitalizing the entire experience.