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    September | October 2023

    Hello Friends,

    It's Fall...

    As much as I love the beauty and brilliance of the fall, I have always felt somewhat apprehensive when the calendar turns. It doesn't seem to matter how much of a head start I get in the summer; the deliverables are countless and the stakes are high.

    I have been doing an outdoor fitness class at the Shops at Don Mills this summer (ok not all summer - I finally got my act together at the beginning of August).  A few weeks ago, my head turned towards the outer display of one of the stores. It said, "It's Fall. It's Here. And it's yours." It was as though the Spirit was nudging me to embrace the next season. I started to breathe again...

    The fall is an exciting time for us as an organization as we roll out new offerings and prepare for our signature events. In addtion, we are continuing to plan for the 20th Anniversary of Intriciti including the formal launch of the Canadian Centre for the Integration of Faith & Business (CCIFB) in 2024.

    There will no doubt be countless to do's - there always is. However, to have the opportunity to embrace rather than resist fall has been a gift from God.

    It's fall and it is all of ours to embrace...

    Love Alana

    Alana Walker Carpenter

    P.S. Check out our 2023 Summer Series at LINK with our four sessions: On Empathy  | On Belonging | On Technology | On Focus.