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    February 2024

    Hello Friends,

    February is best known for Valentine’s Day.  It is a day to express love and not limited to a romantic connotation.

    I seldom miss the opportunity to express my love for others.  I often say, “I Love You”  or “You are loved.”  Because I do and you are. 

    This is most noted in my signature of “Love Alana”.  When I sign off, I am simply saying you are unconditionally loved by me and more importantly God.

    We use the word love for many different things … I often say I just LOVE what I do!  And, I do!  That’s what makes this milestone occasion of Intriciti’s 20th Anniversary extra sweet. We hope you will save the date of April 3 and join us for this milestone occasion as we roar forward together.

    You are loved.

    Love Alana

    Alana Walker Carpenter