Our Organization

    Our Vision

    A world without compartmentalization.

    Our Mission

    To engage business leaders, one conversation at a time, by providing meaningful connections and relevant experiences to inspire them on their spiritual journey.

    Our Values

    • Faith
    • Collaboration
    • Excellence
    • Authenticity
    • Relationship
    • Empathy

    Our Objectives

    • Changed Lives
    • Best Practices
    • Expansion of Intriciti

    We Believe...

    • We believe that everyone is on a journey.
    • We believe that there is no divide between sacred and secular.
    • We believe that faith and business should not be compartmentalized.
    • We believe that work is a high calling and that each person has a unique talent.
    • We believe that business has an unprecedented platform of influence and when maximized our world flourishes.

    Will you join us on the journey?