Philanthropic Initiatives

    Our philanthropy practice provides opportunities for individuals and organizations to participate through local and global initiatives. Through our partnerships with various charitable organizations, we are able to identify individuals for board appointments, source talent for paid and unpaid roles, and align donors both financial and in kind to organizations. We partner with various organizations to provide opportunities of service through special philanthropic events.


    Board Match

    A matching program for charitable organizations who are in need of board members within various industries who bring strategic skill sets and are able to provide thoughtful insights and timely connections to the organization.

    Talent Match

    A matching program for charitable organizations who are in need of diverse talent both paid (staff) and unpaid (volunteer) with business leaders who are looking to make a meaningful contribution within the charitable sector.

    Resource Match

    It is the exception rather than the norm that we might be able to facilitate a collaboration between a charitable organization and an individual or an individual and a charitable organization. This is to the sole discretion of our CEO.

    Charitable Partners

    Each year our organization selects a charitable organization to collaborate with as part of our signature events in both Bells on Bay St. (Toronto) and Bells on Bank St. (Ottawa). This process is conducted through an RFP. An application must be submitted on or before June 30. We will notify the partner charities on or before August 31 should they be selected as our charity of choice for Toronto and for Ottawa.

    Caring from the Couch

    Recognizing that our charitable friends are struggling to respond to the high demand we launched a campaign “Caring from the Couch” to encourage our corporate friends to leverage their personal and corporate connections and resources to assist. Every other week we feature a charity on social media asking for engagement from our community from laptops for marginalized children for online learning to gift cards for homeless youth struggling for food with numerous meal programs closed due to physical distancing to donations towards Personal Protective Equipment for charities to safely serve clients.

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