Our Practices

Our Special Events Practice

Our special events practice offers catalyst events for business leaders to introduce them to Intriciti with a desire to share our other core offerings.

Our Coaching Practice

Our coaching practice connects both business and ministry leaders based on individual and organizational needs through our database. We connect based on the need of the individual through personal counsel, professional advice, and spiritual guidance and the need of the organization.

Our Leadership Development Practice

Our leadership development practice offers various seminars on related subjects while blending biblical principles. We also make available relevant information on leadership through various forms to those within our influence sphere.

Our Roundtable Practice

Our roundtable practice offers various roundtables with a focus on exploration of faith, discipleship, and the integration of faith and business. Business leaders gather on a weekly/monthly basis in boardrooms, private clubs and local establishments to examine and discuss issues from a spiritual perspective.

Our Philanthropy Practice

Our philanthropy practice provides opportunities for individuals and organizations to participate through local and global initiatives. Through our partnerships with various charitable organizations, we are able to identify individuals for board appointments, source talent for paid and unpaid roles, and align donors both finacial and in kind to organizations. We partner with various organizations to provide opportunities of service through special philanthropic events.